Keeping the cutting edge...cutting edge!

Winter Lawn Mower Care

red Lawn Mower in the snow next to snow shovel

Your lawn mower serves you well in the summertime. It faithfully cuts your grass and keeps it looking as good as—or better than—the Joneses' lawn next door. You should repay that service by keeping it warm and dry in the winter, not by leaving it to freeze and rust in the snow. This site has some important tips for lawn mower winter storage. It only takes a few hours to give your mower the care it needs, and it will be worth it come spring.

Summer Lawn Mower Care

lawn mower mowing grass

Your lawn mower needs care while it is in use as well. Think of the mower as a horse. If you work a horse really hard plowing the fields, you need to give it time to rest, adequate food, and a good grooming or rub-down. The horsepower in your lawn mower needs a few things as well—fuel, oil, grooming, and a few other maintenance details. If you give your lawn mower adequate care, it will keep working strong for you for many summers to come.

Using the Lawn Mower

orange lawn mower in grass

Hopefully you aren't already feeling overwhelmed at the amount of effort and care you should be putting into your lawn mower maintenance, because there's one more thing worth mentioning. When you are actually using the machine, you have to be careful what you run over. Keep the lawn mower blade's diet strict—only grass and the weeds that grow in the grass. Dead leaves are OK to run over, especially if you have a bag on the mower (Pro tip: mowing is a great alternative to raking!).

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